Bonus Match 5

In this day and age it is common to find automatic draws in almost all lotteries, however some players prefer to make their plays on their own, and to tell the truth there are more winners by automatic selection than by manual selection.

Today we wanted to talk a little bit about a draw of the Maryland Lottery, we are talking about bonus match 5.

Guide to play bonus match 5 correctly

Let's start with the cost per ticket, here everything depends on the number of boards, 1 board costs $1, 3 boards cost $2, 4 boards cost $3, 6 boards cost $4, 7 boards cost $5 and for only $6 you get 9 boards. 

To make a correct play you must select 5 numbers from 1 to 39 on your boards, you can't choose too many or less because the ticket will be rejected.

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Match 5 bonus prizes

As in every lottery draw, bonus match 5 has different prizes depending on the correct guesses. Prizes not exceeding $600 can be cashed out at retailers.

The chances of winning will depend largely on the value of your play because for $1 the probability is 1 in 52 but if it is $2 then it is 1 in 17.

The highest prize of bonus match 5 is $50 thousand and the minimum is $2, then in the following list you can see the prizes that you can win with some combinations.